Tuesday, December 6, 2011

of something to dwell upon

 Read this line from a tweet of a friend's, friend. Seemed to make sense.

"If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing.If she's worth it, u won't give up.If u give up, you're not worthy.

And here's a nice song....

If I were to ever live that long, who's to say I wouldn't wait...

Returned to Penang for the wrong reasons, a tragedy to be more specific, Uncle has passed on.

Home wasn't what i expected, my room's been hijacked and it's a mess.
I can't believe you all can be in the same roof, much less room as him.
You ask me to forgive and patch things up with him, well if you can ask me to do so, you don' know that well after all.
Not happening. No way.
I left without a word.
I now dread the notion of returning there.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Of twenty years, two people, One Day

Why, Emma Morley, why'd you have to die, you left us all in tears as if we've known you for our entire life.
I. Love. The. Book.

So tiring sometimes, more of in the mental sense, feeling how the huge ego's of some men can ruin a supposed to be fun occupation of being a cook. Certain individuals I guess i will not name here, so eager to please their higher up's that their willing to dump you on the chopping block just to "bodek" them, not that it's happened to me, but from what I've observed. Bloody huge ego!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

of not missing it for the world

I haven't been home for a while
I'm sure everything's the same
Mom and Dad both in denial
An only child to take the blame

Sorry, Mom, but I don't miss you
Father's no name you deserve
I'm just a kid with no ambitions
Wouldn't come home for the world

Never know what I've become
The king of all that's said and done
The forgotten son

This city's buried in defeat
I walk along these no-name streets
Wave goodbye to all
As I fall

Definitely wouldn't come home for the world...if I had the means to do so.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

of living it up

My mother's choice words to describe me from her very own mouth,

-And a whole lot more

Glad that I'm living up to your expectations of being a total disappointment. Glad that I'll never be like the cousin you so love comparing me with, cos he's oh so perfect, he's so well behaved, he handles himself so well unlike me. Glad I'll be the son you wish you never had. Glad that I'm going to be so much worse than that man in the room with a padlock on it.
I admit it I am rather lazy at time at home and wont do shit unless told to do so, which only happens at home, but fuck that, is telling to do something really so hard, just say it once or twice and I get to it in a bit. You don't tell, I don't do. This only applies in this house, no where else.
You think I give a fuck that  you got the person to open the door so we could get the computer out, even if you didn't do so, I couldn't have cared less, You suggested it so I said go ahead, every chance to fuck up the guy in the room, is a chance I relish. But you had to make it about me...'Oh I spent money to take the com out from that room for you, this and that for you' What ever helps you sleep lah....
Go ahead and pray all you want, but as long as you don't stop firing your mouth off at every fucking small thing, and expecting me to report my every move to you like your other loyal junior dog, you can kiss your wish of having me being all obedient to you, goodbye, the more you push, the harder I shove back, even it may take a hell of a long time, I will break You down.
Sorry you cant drag me around like a dog on a leash, sorry I will not beg, roll over, play dead or sit when tell me to do so.
You're THAT much of a pain, making him to wanna leave you on multiple times, he couldn't stand your crap I suppose but that doesn't mean he's excused for doing what he's done, back to what I was saying, then again, who could stand you?
Thank you so very much for everything

Saturday, November 20, 2010

of the push down the long road to ruin....

Kick Start by Mahendra from W.H. Shinajii on Vimeo.

Please do watch this, and there are subtitles too, so don't worry about not understanding tamil or bahasa..

of a bloody bugger!!

On the 8th of Nov, it was a monday I remember, because I had class on that day too. Well, we had about an hour of break time in the evening, so I carpooled with my other college mates, they wanted to have cendol but I wanted to eat something else, so I took a slow walk to Nasi kandar Safa that's very near GAMA and also that Tanjung Tuition Centre, so ya, just as I walked past Craven, a li'l chinese boy happened to scamper out of a key making shop, then you know what, that kid's fuckface of a dad called him back in Hokkien, which I understood, he said, (after translation), "Ei, come back in now or else the Indian will take you away, faster come in."

What. The. Fuck.

The Indian will take you?! Why for gonads sake would I wanna take a lil'l yellow kid for!!
Lucky for that old shite that I had to get back to college soon and that I was hungry as hell or I'd sure have yelled your ass off in front of your own kid, pockmarked dick face!
Such rubbish talk from parents to their children, what the fuck will that kid grow up and think of Indians as, a bunch of chinese kidnappers??

Friday, November 12, 2010

of a part two??!!? fuyoh...

Time to make a li'l switch of songs for your phone ringtones!!  :)
ps: Exams next week and also final presentation, busy beeee......